Short note on labelling text fields in native iOS applications

VoiceOver users interact with the web and native applications on their iOS device using a number of gestures. The simplest gesture involves swiping the screen from left to right by using a finger to navigate through page content. While there are many other gestures to support speedy navigation, a useful rule of thumb is for developers to […]

Challenges, opportunities and the potential for low-vision access

This is an opinion piece, looking at one slice of accessibility, to highlight some trends and possibilities. All of the computing devices, platforms and assistive technologies discussed within empower people (the author included) and are a vital part of the progress that has been and is being made. The ideal, and the current reality In […]

Shut up JAWS

Posted on Tuesday, 4 July 2017 by Steve Faulkner
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One of the tasks I perform regularly is to test web content using screen readers. It can be somewhat annoying to be capturing data in a desktop application while testing in a browser, as the screen reader is chattering away on every application, while I am only interested in how it works with web content […]