ARC Integrations

Stop accessibility issues at the source. On-demand automated accessibility testing, seamlessly integrated into your existing processes.
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Integrate Accessibility Into Your Workflow

On-Demand Testing

Allow developers to conduct on-demand accessibility testing against your policies prior to releasing code.

Custom Testing

Configure your testing protocol for specific items or page elements using only the tests you need.

Custom Dashboards

Integrate accessibility data from ARC into existing dashboards.

DevOps Integration

RESTful API integrates with any platform that uses open APIs, including CI/CD and bug tracking software.

Turn-on Continuous Accessibility

Seamlessly incorporate accessibility into your development life cycle by embedding TPGi's automated testing capabilities into your test automation suite.

Integrate ARC’s accessibility rules engine into your existing end-to-end or functional tests relying on browser automation tools.

Automated Accessibility Testing Made Easy with ARC Dev Tools

Easily inject the ARC Rules engine into your existing end-to-end tests with ARC-WebDriver or ARC-Playwright.

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ARC API Empowers Developers and Project Managers to work Together

Visualize your accessibility progress with ARC's API and create custom dashboards for easy reporting.

ARC API illustration showing extension of platform

How ARC API Empowers Teams

  • Access historical accessibility findings and create custom reporting to share with stakeholders.
  • Monitor accessibility data to identify trends and establish priorities and Key Performance Indicators.
  • RESTful APIs can be easily consumed by IDEs and popular tools, such as bug trackers.

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Proactive Accessibility Integrated with DevOps saves Time and Money

Chart demonstrating the level of effort for two opposing management styles (Proactive versus Reactive) across the SDLC (plan/design, develop/build, test, deploy/release, monitor, and remediation). Proactive shows higher level of effort in the early stages of plan/design but overall reduced efforts over time versus "reactive" which shows less effort in the early stages but significantly more ongoing remediation effort.

Integrate Accessibility in Your SDLC

Integrating on-demand testing into your organization’s CI/CD process takes a proactive approach by testing success against the same evaluation rulesets prior to the code or content being accepted into the repository.

This ensures that systems, user flows, and other digital content complies with success criteria during the early stages of the development cycle.

The right accessibility tools that developers need to build and test.

All paired with the conformance data accessibility stakeholders need to track progress and demonstrate success.

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ARC Platform Companion Products

JAWS Inspect

Simulate the JAWS user experience across your digital properties for screen reader testing.

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ARC Toolkit

Professional-level accessibility testing Chrome extension for testing individual pages on-demand.

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Color Contrast Checker

Easily determine the contrast ratio of the two colors. Compliance indicators for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.

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