ARC Program Management

Streamline your accessibility efforts and manage your entire program and team in one place.
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ARC’s Dashboard is your central hub to monitor your digital accessibility analytics. Review test results and gauge progress from a variety of data sources including automated tests of user flows, pages or components, manual engagements, or even on-demand scans of your digital content.

Create custom reports and review the data that is most important to you.


Zoom in on your accessibility Findings by understanding and interpreting where they originated, the scope of the issues, and how you can develop a plan to fix them.


Filters and Views

Easily segment your data by data source, topic, and severity to help you understand your needs and develop an accessibility strategy. Save your filters into a custom view that is most vital to you and your business needs.

Charts and Graphs

With an array of tracking and sorting options, you’ll be able to visualize your Findings by Category (Errors, Alerts, Best Practices) or Criterion (WCAG Success Criteria).


ARC Projects allows you to input your accessibility data. Enhance your accessibility projects with our data sources:

Domain Scan

Turn your data into actionable insights identifying accessibility issues and tracking your progress over time.

User Flow

Build and maintain accessible user journeys across your digital properties.

Access Management

Remove ambiguity and embrace control over your accessibility program. Success starts with planning and proper management of your program. ARC provides you with the control you need to ensure success.

Identity and role management

Project-based role assignments

Audit logging

Comprehensive activity logging


Organize all your documents related to your accessibility efforts in one place.

Upload and store related documents. Everything from design reviews to strategy recommendations.

ARC provides you with the control you need to manage your accessibility program.

Achieving your team’s accessibility mission starts with you.

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