Blue Beanie Day 2016

Posted on Wednesday, 30 November 2016 by Léonie Watson

Today is Blue Beanie Day, and at TPG we’ve put on our blue hats to show our commitment to web standards and a web for everyone.

We believe web standards are our best hope for a web that is open, progressive and accessible, and we encourage designers and developers to take pride in creating technologies that are lean, resilient and usable by everyone.

Mike Paciello with a blue beanie that has #a11y embroidered on it. Steve Faulkner wearing a dark blue balaclava. Léonie Watson with a cartoon blue beanie superimposed on her. Shane Paciello wearing a knit blue full-face mask with eyebrows a mustache, some rainbow stripes, and red edges around the eyes and mouth. Sarah Horton with a cartoon blue beanie superimposed on her photo. David Sloan wearing a blue bandana with Saint Andrew's cross. Frank Porter wearing a blue hat of some sort. Jeanne Spellman wearing a blue beanie. Jonny James wearing a blue toque. Justin Stockton wearing a green beanie with a note on it saying “style = color: blue”. Matt Feldman wearing a striped blue beanie. Adrian Roselli wearing a teal beanie (in honor of the 0.05% of the population with tritanopia / tritanomaly). Karl Groves wearing a blue beanie and unsettling smile. Graeme Coleman wearing a blue beanie with the Scottish flag. Henny Swan wearing a blue beanie, blue face mask, blue anorak hood, all covered in ice, somewhere in the arctic. Cédric Trévisan wearing a mostly gray (but with a couple blue stripes) knit hat with ear flaps. David Swallow (Jared) wearing a blue beanie Anne Scallan in hand knit blue beanie against bright blue Irish sky (doesn’t happen often). Michiel Bijl and his cat each wearing a blue beanie (that cat’s is a cartoon hat). Billy Gregory wearing a blue beanie (and an angry face) that is struggling to keep his hair in place. A tiny photo of Patrick Lauke with might be a plastic toy blue hat hastily pasted on top of his head. Gez Lemon with might be a Neoprene blue beanie and contrasting black band. Ian Pouncey with clearly-pasted on blue beanie balancing against his luscious beard. Travis Brown with a cartoon blue beanie in front of a large fish tank, perhaps channeling “The Life Aquatic.” Ashley Bischoff, who “caught the dreaded lurgy” and settled for an existing photo with cartoon blue beanie. Matthew Atkinson wearing a cartoon blue beanie and a real-life smile (as he always does). Heydon Pickering with what appears to be a blue beanie fed through a flatbed scanner and dropped onto his photo. Jon Metz with a striped blue beanie and an expression that, well, I really have no idea why they let me write this alt text because I have no idea what he is doing.

About Léonie Watson

Léonie (@LeonieWatson) was Director of Developer Communications at TPG (2013-18), is co-chair of the W3C Web Platform Working Group working on HTML and Web Components, writer for Smashing magazine, and Net magazine, and regular conference speaker.


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