Do WAI-ARIA – Google Is!

Posted on Thursday, 7 August 2008 by Steve Faulkner

There a bunch of interesting posts on Marco’s blog about WAI-ARIA: The first one ARIA in Gmail #1: Alerts is about the use of the WAI-ARIA role="alert" and its use in Gmail.

ARIA in Gmail #2: Enhancing the Chat experience describes the use of aria-activedescendant and Live Regions in Gmail, with details of Screen Reader and Browser support.

You can also watch Google people, Charles Chen and TV Raman talk about Enhancing Web 2.0 Accessibility using the AxsJAX Framework for ARIA. Meanwhile Yahoo developers are cooking up more YUI-ARIA widgets, which you can read about on the YUI blog: Enhancing TabView Accessibility with WAI-ARIA Roles and States. Another Marco has been experimenting with adding WAI-ARIA to the YUI Accordian widget. And don’t forget Gez Lemons’ recently published Introduction to WAI ARIA.

Last but not least:

The W3C Protocols and Formats Working Group invites you to comment on the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 Working Draft published 6 August 2008!

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