Detangling Complex Components: Funka 2018

Posted on Saturday, 21 April 2018 by Justin Stockton

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the 2018 Funka Accessibility Days in Stockholm, Sweden and what an absolutely amazing time I had. The conference, the people and the hotel were absolutely fantastic! I made several new friends, learned a few new things and had some amazing Swedish craft beers.

For my talk, I chose a topic that’s been bothering me for a while now, when building reusable components in Angular, React, or Vue, are there times when problems with reuse overshadow any efficiencies gained. As an example, we looked at a simple form field components and what it would be like to reuse those components in a readonly version of the form.

If you’re interested in this or other examples, check out my Detangling Complex Components [PPT] slides.

One additional really neat thing about Funka this year was that graphic recorders were in each session documenting key points from each presentation.

Graphic recording of Detangling Complex Components talk at Funka Accessibility Days

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Justin has been working as a developer focused on building accessible websites since 2001. Over the years his pragmatic approach to building applications led him to Agile and Scrum as a way of eliminating the long nights that often came from waterfall projects.


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