1Up Your Writing with Plain Language: fronteers 2017

Posted on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 by Ashley Bischoff

I just recently got back from the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam. (And I have to say—the conference was organized spectacularly. I’d recommend it to anyone.)

Writing reports and documentation is nothing new for many of us—we write them all the time. But even though we may do our best to write clearly, those who receive our reports and documentation might not be as familiar with the subject matter as we are.

During my talk at Fronteers, I dove into how developers can use plain language to get through to their readers. Because at the end of the day, no matter how technically correct a document may be, our words won’t do much good if those who are reading them can’t understand what we’re trying to say.

Note: once the opening slide loads, you can move to the next slide with any of the arrow keys or the page-up and page-down keys.

About Ashley Bischoff

Ashley Bischoff is an accessibility analyst and copy editor at The Paciello Group. With her expertise across assistive technologies and front-end baubles stretching back to the days of Netscape 4, Ashley has the chops to make accessibility work. And with her copy editor’s pen in hand, Ashley keeps her eyes peeled for buried verbs and dangling modifiers while she wrangles stray homophones.


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