Announcing a new podcast focused on accessible user experience

Posted on Thursday, 6 March 2014 by Sarah Horton

TPG is co-sponsor with Rosenfeld Media, UIE, and O’Reilly of a new podcast focused on advancing accessibility awareness and skills in the user experience profession:

A Podcast for Everyone: Practical conversations answering your questions about how to make web sites and mobile apps work for everyone

The podcast is a companion to the book, A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences. Whitney Quesenbery and I co-authored the book, and it features interviews with two other TPGers: our founder, Mike Paciello, and one of our Distinguished Accessibility Engineers, Steve Faulkner.

Whitney and I really like to talk to people. The accessibility community is generous, and we have learned so much from people who took the time to share their knowledge and perspectives with us. We feature some of those discussions as interviews in the book.

Once the book was done we really wanted to keep talking to people and sharing those great discussions. Our publisher, Lou Rosenfeld, suggested that we try a podcast, to keep the conversation going.

With the support of  Lou, Mike, and our colleagues at UIE and O’Reilly, we pushed forward with creating A Podcast for Everyone. A special shoutout goes to Adam Churchill and  Sean Carmichael at UIE and Karen Corbett at Rosenfeld Media for helping us pull it all together.

In the first episode, Whitney and I chat with Adam about the book and introduce the podcast. In future episodes, we will be the ones asking the questions. We have lots of people we want to talk to and topics we want to cover. And we welcome your ideas as well—email us at and follow us at @awebforeveryone.

About Sarah Horton

Sarah worked as TPG‘s Strategy Lead until 2020. She joined TPG in April 2013, after 20 years working as a user experience designer, developer, strategist, and lead in higher education, at Yale University, Dartmouth College, and Harvard University. She has done outreach to improve user experience, including books (Web Style Guide and Access by Design), working groups, presentations, and articles, including an article on web accessibility for the New York Times. Her latest book, with Whitney Quesenbery, is called A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences. Sarah was closely involved with TPG‘s accessible user experience offerings, including usability testing and organizational process reviews.


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