Notes on applying multiple labels for a control using the label element

Posted on Thursday, 24 May 2012 by Steve Faulkner

While it is conforming to have multiple label elements pointing to a single control for labelling purposes, it is not recommended. It has been conforming as per (X)HTML specifications for many years, but it is not robustly supported. Other techniques such as wrapping the label around text and control and aria-labelledby do the job better and are much better supported in modern browsers and assistive technology.

multiple labels for a control using the label element

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  1. How do you feel about using a label and aria-describedby to attach a secondary bit of information. Maybe something like this.

    Date must be in this format mm/dd/yyyy

    It seems to me this would be more appropriate for the secondary information.

  2. Hi Ted,
    In theory, I agree that use of aria-describedby is the better choice, but in practice at the moment, aria-describedby is less robustly supported across AT/browsers/OS’s than aria-labelledby. Also the content in this case will will be recieved by a screen reader user in the same way if either is used i.e. the label and labelledby or the label and describedby, text will be announced when the control recieves focus.

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