TPG Partners With Deque to Expand Accessibility Services

Posted on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 by Mike Paciello

As many of you know, at The Paciello Group we are passionate advocates for the practice of manual testing of applications and websites to ensure accessibility. Using quality assurance and usability test processes issues are properly identified and subsequently enhanced to optimize the user experience. We have built a world-renowned consultancy, delivering superior value to our clients.

A key challenge involving manual testing is scalability. It is impractically labor intensive and expensive to test every corner of every application. For our enterprise clients that deploy large-scale software applications or highly complex, dynamic websites, we have been looking for an automated solution that, when combined with our expertise, scales to meet their unique demands. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Deque Systems, makers of the Worldspace Suite.

The Offering

TPG and Deque are making a combined offering to address the challenge of enterprise-wide compliance. Neither automated testing nor manual testing, utilized independently can deliver the complete solution required. TPG and Deque are uniquely qualified as partners to offer both expert consulting and Worldspace to customers, delivering the best total solution available in the accessibility marketplace today.

To support Worldspace implementations, TPG is delivering a package of consultancy services, including:

  1. Accessibility audits that include in-depth analysis reports and can be combined with automated test data that provide a full picture of compliance, as well as customized Worldspace tests based on the issues found.
  2. Customized, manual testing scripts for verification of Worldspace results and otherwise cover areas not tested automatically.
  3. A training package that combines usage of Worldspace and other Deque tools with the manual testing required to round out the process.

TPG is proud and excited to be launching this partnership! For additional information, please contact TPG’s Director of Marketing and Sales, Brian Landrigan at: 603-882-4122 extension 102 for additional information.

The Partners

The Paciello Group (TPG) is an accessibility consultancy in operation since 2001. TPG provides a range of services including strategy development, auditing, reporting and training to a variety of blue chip clients. We have an international presence and deliver a high level of expertise. The TPG consultancy team is composed of experienced developers who can deliver code-level solutions and who also take part in the global accessibility effort through online discussion and participation in standards bodies.

Deque Systems has been building accessibility tools since 2001. They have developed the market leading end-to-end automated testing solution, the Worldspace Suite, that includes reporting and dashboard features essential to a mature and complete accessibility program as well as support for manual developer testing of web applications and web sites. Their focus is in developing best-of-breed software that supports a complete accessibility testing effort.

About Mike Paciello

Mike is the Founding Partner of The Paciello Group. He has been in the accessibility business since the mid-80's, both as a usability and accessibility engineer. In 2006, along with his friend and colleague Jim Tobias, he was appointed co-chair to the United States Federal Access Board's Telecommunications and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee (TEITAC). In years past he has been involved in several well known accessibility ventures including ICADD, WAI, and WebABLE (his first official web site and start-up). Most recently, together with, he launched a new internet channel,, dedicated to building greater awareness about technology and people with disabilities.


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