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Posted on Tuesday, 20 November 2007 by Mike Paciello

For well over a year, several members of the TPG team and I have been talking about setting up a company blog. The problem is, we have so many things going on, creating a focused blog is nearly impossible. Then again, is anything on the web focused?

We agreed that we want to talk about accessibility of software, the Web, and emerging technology. We want to share our insights about tools, techniques, and usability. We’ll address laws, standards and guidelines. We will tell you about events, conferences, workshops, and initiatives. We have opinions, questions, complaints, ideas and gossip. Interesting gossip. And we love to learn — gosh, we love to learn. So you teach us.

But here’s the key to this blog — it’s a team effort. No one person is the sole or primary writer. Every member of the TPG team is passionate about accessibility and integral to our identity. Most (if not all!) of our team will contribute on one topic or another. We expect different topics to be discussed by different TPG team members each week. This is the TPG Voice…

About Mike Paciello

Mike is the Founding Partner of The Paciello Group. He has been in the accessibility business since the mid-80's, both as a usability and accessibility engineer. In 2006, along with his friend and colleague Jim Tobias, he was appointed co-chair to the United States Federal Access Board's Telecommunications and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee (TEITAC). In years past he has been involved in several well known accessibility ventures including ICADD, WAI, and WebABLE (his first official web site and start-up). Most recently, together with, he launched a new internet channel,, dedicated to building greater awareness about technology and people with disabilities.


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